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Events | Finding David Events | Finding David

The Brotherhood Mentality

When Sam Walton was in the beginning stages of creating Walmart, he struggled with what to call his employee. The term “employee” was just too bland and a bit derogatory. So one day, he saw the word associate inside a shop window and decided that this was what his employees were to be called. It communicated a sense of responsibility and ownership in the company.The point is that Walton understood the importance of a title… So do we!

  • A brotherhood is something more than a friendship. It’s a commitment. When you commit to a brotherhood you agree to be an active member both online and offline, to be honest, to be REAL.

The term “Brotherhood” communicates boldness, strength, courage, honesty, and most important, unity. When you envision brotherhood, you think of a Navy Seal Team in Afghanistan risking the safety of their entire team to rescue one wounded soldier. Or you take yourself to a foxhole in Iwo Jima when one of your comrades sacrifices his own body to shelter you from a nearby grenade. Or maybe you’re 19 going on 8 and the first image you can picture is that famous scene in the movie “Cars” when Lighting McQueen loses the Big Race in order to push in the old, worn out Dinoco.

  • Either way, it’s about SACRIFICE.

We want to encourage and nurture this Brotherhood mentality through giving our members an opportunity to interact and serve alongside of one another.

As a FindingDavid member, you are given the opportunity to:


Attend local and national conferences and retreats where we build team unity by rappelling waterfalls, rafting rapids, camping the backwoods, battling it out in paintball, and much more! Even Christian fellowship is glorifying to God.

Mission Trips:

What better way to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, than to serve alongside your brothers in countries such as Ecuador, the Philippines, South Africa, and right here at home in the U.S. We believe in getting our hands dirty and demonstrating our love for Christ through our actions by getting involved in construction projects, ministering in poor villages, and much more. We are, also, hoping to eventually offer low and high risk missions trips ranging from safe to volatile environments.

Rapid Response Program:

Some of the best opportunities to minister to those in need is in the middle of chaos. As a FindingDavid member, you have the opportunity to be hand-picked by our team to attend the Rapid Response Program (RRP). RRP is a course which takes you through the basics on how to survive in a variety of urban, disaster environments and will teach you a variety of skills and trades which you can use to help others in their time of need. When catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina, Earthquake in Nepal, Earthquake in Haiti, or the Tsunami in Japan hit, graduates of the RRP will be the ones called upon to rapidly assemble and give aid and comfort to those in distress.

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